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Dog Poisoning

Colac Vet Dr Michael Rhodes Discusses Dog Poisoning On Farms

Colac vets see a lot of farm dogs. Unfortunately dogs will eat all kinds of unlikely things. In fact, the more disgusting the better. This means there is a real risk of poisoning on the average farm, where there are many potential poisons. 

The following are common poisons of farm dogs:

Anticoagulants-such as Talon and other brands of rat/mouse poison. Signs (weakness, pale gums, bleeding) may not develop until a week after eating the poison. 

Organophosphates-such as those used in snail and slug baits. Last week we had a dog come in to the clinic fitting and overheating. He had been poisoned by having contact with slug bait in seed. He hadn’t been eating it but had his nose in there looking for mice! Without rapid emergency treatment he would have died. 

Ethylene glycol (coolant/antifreeze) - has a sweet taste and dogs and cats may lick it from the puddles under vehicles. Initially the pet will be vomiting but often progresses to serious kidney problems. 

Treated pine wood shavings- we have had a number of dogs that have eaten shavings from calf sheds (accidently ingested while eating delicious calf faeces) They have been staggering and depressed and needed intravenous fluids and several days stay in hospital. 

Rumensin is an additive in cow feed and in some milk replacers. We had two farm dogs poisoned earlier this month after drinking 
milk replacer. The bag did carry a warning “harmful to dogs”. The dogs were bloating, drooling, lethargic and had dilated pupils. They made a full recovery after intravenous fluids and hospitalisation. 

What To Do With Accidental Poisoning Of Dogs on Farms

If you think your dog has ingested a poison and less than an hour has passed, you should make it vomit as soon as possible. If you are not close to the vet clinic you may try drenching the dog with strong salty water or giving the dog a large washing soda crystal. Then contact the Colac vet Dr Rhodes or his associates ar Rhodes Veterinary Clinic on 5232 2111 immediately for further assistance.


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