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Pet Dental


WEDNESDAY, 14 AUGUST  - -  4pm to 8pm

Take advantage of this Dental Clinic to have your pet's teeth checked by a Vet Nurse

Every consult receives a FREE sample bag!

Lucky Door Prize - -  All Welcome!

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Bad breath and yellow teeth are not normal for your pets. Doggie breath isn't just part of being a dog. It is often a warning sign of oral disease. Just like us, whenever dogs eat, plaque builds up on their teeth.  When left unattended it thickens and mineralises to become tartar, which then forms calculus. This leads to oral disease, which affects both gums and teeth. Good oral hygiene can add years to your dogs life.

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  • I will endeavour to come along. Have noted it in my diary. Sincerely, Lynn

    Posted by Lynn Jenkin, 23/07/2013 4:59pm (6 years ago)

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