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Toilet training tips


• Always use positive re-enforcement –treats work best initially and then you can move to gentle praise once he is getting the hang of it


• Try and stick to a schedule so your puppy learns a routine-take him out to his toilet spot at the same times every day (early morning, evening, after meals, water and playing)


• Never scold your puppy or rub his face in the remnants if there has been an accident. This will only encourage your puppy to go to the toilet in secret such as under the bed!


• When cleaning up accidents, be careful which product you use. Use a product approved by your veterinarian. If the smell isn't eliminated your puppy will be likely to continue to return to the same spot. Anything with ammonia in it will also encourage your puppy to toilet in the same area.


• Remember that you need to keep going with toilet training even after your puppy appears to have mastered it. We don’t expect a child to be toilet trained over night and you shouldn’t expect this of your puppy either


Cleaning Up Pet Urine Correctly


• Clean up accidents inside as soon as possible


• You MUST use a product that will neutralize the odour - ask your veterinarian


• Don’t use product containing ammonia (many household cleaners) as this may encourage your pet to return to the area and urinate again