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When is the right time to desex my pet?

We advise desexing your pet at an early age. Male cats and dogs can be desexed when both testicles have descended and female pets from around the age of 4 months.

What are the benefits of desexing?

Desexing your pet will prevent unwanted litters or health problems like prostate or mammary tumours as they get older.

What to expect when it’s time for the surgery

Desexing your pet is routine day surgery. Pets come into us first thing in the morning and are usually right to be collected later that same day. When your pet is discharged we like you to take them home and keep them in a warm, quiet environment whilst they sleep off the effects of the anaesthetic they have had. A small dinner may be offered.

Most are usually back to their normal selves by next day. We ask that you restrict your pet’s exercise during the first 10 -14 days and no swimming until the sutures have been removed.

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