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Horses can suffer from a range of colic, from mild abdomen pain to lethal intestinal blockages. We can examine your horse to determine the likeliness of a colic being mild or needing surgical intervention and administer drugs to help treat it.

Rhodes Vet - Equine Services

Wound Care

Horses and fences like to mix and inevitably wounds occur. Not all wounds are treated the same; some need stitching, some need antibiotics, some need to be flushed and drained.

Wounds need to be assessed to determine what structures (joints, tendons, muscles etc.) are involved and what treatment options are best for your horse.

Health Checks / Sick Horses

Horses can lose condition, get the runs or be a bit off for lots of reasons, or maybe you would just like to make sure your horse is in good health.

A thorough veterinary exam can help diagnose any diseases in a horse and inform the best treatment plan for your animal.

If you have any questions about the health of your horses, contact our team today.

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