Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery

Rhodes Veterinary Clinic

Soft tissue surgeries at Rhodes Vet

We offer a wide range of soft tissue surgeries including abscesses, lump removals and some eye and ear disorders. Most of these are usually day surgery.

For our large breed dogs we offer gastropexy. This procedure is often performed at the same time as desexing. We attach the stomach to the abdominal wall to prevent the stomach from moving into the chest. This assists with the prevention of GDV (gastric dilatation and volvulus).

Orthopaedic surgeries at Rhodes Vet

We offer many orthopaedic surgeries including plating and pinnings of legs, luxating patella and cruciate repairs. Your pet may stay with us for a few days post-surgery, depending on the complexity of the surgery performed. Post-operative home care is discussed at length and this care is important to allow the healing of the repair.

Specialised surgeries

Sometimes complex surgery may require a visit to a specialist surgeon. If this is required we liaise with the specialist and you to arrange a suitable time.

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